Granite Bay Hair Salons

Many things that we do to style our hair actually damage our hair. Over the years, this damage can accumulate, leading to unhealthy and unattractive hair. The best way to prevent unhealthy hair is to teach children healthy habits for taking care of their hair.

In terms of major differences between a child's hair, when compared to that of an adult's hair, there are not too many differences where basic hair care is concerned. However, one issue that tends to be more prominent with children's hair is that their hair is typically more greasy than that of an adults.

This is largely a problem with children's hair before they reach puberty. This being said, children often need to wash their hair once a day, especially if they spend a great deal of time playing outside. The environment can cause dirt and grease to build up in their hair and can be an uncomfortable situation for your child.

Use a de-tangling conditioner and daily detangling spray for long hair- The only reason to use conditioner on a child’s hair is for detangling, therefor I do not recommend it for short cuts. Since long hair tangles easily, use a detangling conditioner whenever you wash your child’s hair. Make sure you comb the conditioner through before rinsing so that it gets evenly distributed throughout the hair. NEVER put any type of conditioner directly on the scalp.

On days you do not wash your child’s hair, use a detangling spray or leave-in conditioner. Detangle curly hair when it is wet. (You can wet hair easily using a spray bottle). Start from the bottom and work your way up when detangling, using a wide toothed comb along with your fingers.

Detangle straight or wavy hair when it is dry or damp. I recommend using a detangling brush, such as the CP Creative Wet/Dry Detangling Brush. Make sure you are detangling the knots and not breaking the hair. Gently brush straight hair once or twice a day to prevent tangles from forming and to distribute sebum (the natural oil your hair produces) throughout the hair.

Dealing With Split Ends

You might see split ends if you look carefully at the ends of your hair. You'll see a single hair that has literally split into two at the bottom of the strand.

Split ends can be caused by repeated blow-drying, heat-straightening, or excessive brushing. Once your ends are split, the only solution is to go to the salon to get them trimmed. But you can avoid split ends by brushing less, using less heat on your hair, regularly using conditioner, and protecting your hair from extremely hot or cold weather.

Regular haircuts and trims are a good idea, too. They help rid your hair of damage so that a healthier crop can grow up top.